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About Me.

My name is Gary McGowan. I first moved to Dearborn County from Montana 3 years ago. I have navigated "professional careers" and single fatherhood for the past 20 years. A number of times, I had the money, but no one to call to help with extra issues I wanted to get done both professionally and personally. I needed an extra hand. Needless to say, I learned a great deal over those years about a myriad of topics, and solutions. My former peers and colleagues would describe me as a person who will bring the whole team to the top, and doing it the right way. I utilize critical thinking, efficiency, and effective communication for success. Since working as a courier and delivery driver in Dearborn, close to 5,000 in total trips, I have learned that MANY people can use a helping hand sometimes. This inspired me to create WeBeYu.  

What reasons would you need me?


Mobile Indiana Notary Public Services

Clutch Delivery at Big Moments. 

Full-Service Senior Home Shopping & Delivery System

Doctor Ride, Stuck Roadside? Ride to the Airport?

Need Project Research but have no time?

Community Networking and Business Support

Traditional "Personal Assistants" are often out of reach for the traditional lifestyle because of costs or availability. WeBeYu fills that void by operating on a Gig-basis instead of Salary. 

Webeyu LLC is an Indiana registered, insured, licensed, and bonded entity

Call 812-655-6403 for your appointment!

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