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Holding Hands

Personal Assistant

Helping You in Daily Life

WeBeYu was inspired to keep seniors and family's lifestyles complete. WeBeYu is a personal assistant providing the client with the amenities of online shopping, but with no computer screen or passwords. Request your consultation today!

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There’s No Place Like Home

Going through life with disabilities is not easy. Today’s world expects us all to be strong and capable, and is built assuming such. Our Family service helps you maintain your independence by helping you navigate daily life tasks.

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Services That We Offer

Grocery Shopping

We do the shopping so you don't have to. We also deliver right to your door.

Restaurant Deliveries

We can order your food and have it delivered with no hassle, hot and ready.

Flower Deliveries

Sending flowers and well wishes to your loved ones when it matters most.

Handyman Shopping

We can coordinate a verified specialist to come fix any issues in and around your home.

We offer even more Personal Assistant services

WeBeYu effectively gives clients the features, perks, and benefits of online shopping and delivery without the headache. There is no more searching. WeBeYu brings the solution to your doorstep.

How does it work?

WeBeYu conducts a consultation either in person or virtual, or by phone with the client. Together, we figure out a list of items that you regularly need. Once a week we will reach out and reorder the items based on your current supply. One Call. One Solution. 

How much does this service cost?

We have service plans for as little as $20 per month. Some plans may differ depending on the type of Personal Assistance that is required. We offer a 13 week plan, 26 week plan, or 52 week plan as our most popular options.

We also have specialized plans to fit any budget. For as low as $20 per month we can get you started today. Save time and money where it matters most.

We are very flexible, that way you get the most out of us without breaking the bank.

Call Today For a Free Consultation - (800) 615-3538

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